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Milla Art AS

Milla Art runs our YellowKorner gallery located at Aker Brygge in Oslo.

Invoices and Customs Declarations:

All invoices and customs declarations must be sent to us by email at millaartas@ebilag.com, not by post. We are a paperfree company. Norwegian suppliers should send EHF invoices.

All invoices must be marked with your contact person as your reference at Milla Art AS.

Please also mark customer orders with the customers name.

Order Confirmations:

Please send your order confirmations to your contact person.

IBAN / BIC(Swift):

IBAN: NO6812802966251



If you have any queries or questions, please get in touch with;

Charlotta Elizabeth Barø-Hill : oslo@yellowkorner.art

Milla Art AS
Organisation number 924 824 778
Address: Holmens gate 4, 025



YellowKorner Gallery
Holmens gate 4
0250 Oslo
Ramp 5

Phone: +47 41314442
Email: gallery.oslo@yellowkorner.com